Weezer Covers Toto - Stays True to the Original Song

Following requests after requests from fans to cover the iconic 80's tune, Weezer teased fans who waited for months for a response with a rendition of Toto's "Rosanna." After less than a week, the band relented and released their version of "Africa." 

The cover stays true to the original song without adding too much unnecessary sound, though the heavy power chords during the chorus is a little much. They revived the same synthesizer effects on the keyboards used in the original interludes. One great change is the drums being more articulate and natural than the original synth drums that were all the rage back in the 80s. 

The release comes at a great time for Weezer as they're hitting the road with the Pixies and should help their ticket sales and bring in those wishing to bless the rains down in Africa.



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