'Anthem of a Peaceful Army': My Album Review

The highly anticipated LP from Greta Van Fleet 'Anthem of a Peaceful Army' is finally here and it's exactly what I was looking for from these guys. Everyone knows who they sound like, and that's just fine. But I think they finally found their sound. 

What I mean is with this album they have moved beyond the constant EP and singles written for the sole purpose of keeping your name on people lips and selling albums. These more laid back songs are a refreshing change from the produced rift-rock tunes (which I like a lot) from their beginning days.

They're done that for 2+ years now and I think it shows in how relaxed and grooving some of the tunes of the album are. Every album will have its slow songs, and what are 'Age of Man' and 'Anthem' other than classic rock ballads? The albums message seems to be peace, acceptance, and self-discovery; very much taking you back to the late 60s and 70s. This album as a hole feels much more personal than EPs past and that is welcome thing in music these days.



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