Game of Thrones Actors Give NH Woman in Hospice Well Wishes Before Death

Game of Thrones actors reached out to 88 year old Clair Walton to wish her well while she was in hopsice care over the weekend. She was a huge fan of the show and the actors who played Syrio Forrel, Pyp, and Ser Davos Seaworth gave her a heart warming send off.

From WCVB Article:

“We’re thinking of you and sending you all (of) our love, and I hope this message brings a smile to your face,” Yerolemou said.

“I hope you’re fit enough to watch the battle,” Cunningham said. “I wish you the very best. I hope your days are not bad and I hope you can manage. Take care!”

“Someone said you’re a really big fan of ‘Game of Thrones,’ so I just wanted to make this video and send it to you and just send you my love and well wishes,” Altin said. “Enjoy this Sunday. It’s going down!”

Walton, a lifelong Rhode Islander, wanted to watch the third episode of the show's final season before she died. It aired Sunday and included a long-awaited battle scene.

HopeHealth said Walton watched the episode. She died Monday afternoon.

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