Man Ties 'Cursed' Wedding Ring to Fish - Passes on Curse to Fisherman


The mystery of how a wedding ring came to be zip-tied to a fish's tail has been solved. Michigan resident Jason Rose has come forward to say he attached the ring to the fish and released it into Lake Michigan in early May because he believed the ring is cursed. "I felt I needed to get rid of that ring, but I didn’t want to just toss it to the bottom, pawn it or any of that kind of thing," Rose tells the Chicago Tribune. "So I released it the best way I know how. I am convinced that ring is cursed. My life has been nothing less than great since I released it." However, the same can't be said for the guy who caught the fish Friday during a fishing tournament. Jim Nelligan says, "That ring is cursed. Ever since it came on my boat, I’ve had problems with my engine controls -- the switch to raise the helm floor to get at the engines broke and the hose at my dock burst. I think we’ll mail it back to him, no return address." Do you believe in curses? Have you ever owned something you thought was cursed or bad luck?


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