JULY 26, 2019

GREG - We didn't get hit by an asteroid yesterday! https://www.cnet.com/news/surprise-asteroid-whizzed-by-earth-and-we-didnt-even-blink/

KELLY - CHAD charity baseball game Battle of the Badges is next Friday night at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium! https://www.chadkids.org/events/ce-eventdetail/55415255521

KAYLA - A daily serving of nuts will make men better in the bedroom. https://www.studyfinds.org/daily-serving-of-nuts-may-improve-sexual-function-in-men/

ROADKILL - Cigarette butts are killing animals! http://theconversation.com/cigarette-butts-are-the-forgotten-plastic-pollution-and-they-could-be-killing-our-plants-119958

LAURA - Today, July 26th is Roadkills 25th anniversary here at work! https://takemeback.to/26-July-1994#.XTrRp-tKiUk


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