Man With Boat Full Of Bikini-Clad Women Cause Scene At Restaurant

A playboy with a bunch of women raised a ruckus at an upscale restaurant in Wyandotte, Michigan last weekend. Local police report that a 65-year-old man pulled up to the riverside restaurant "where he and six bikini-clad women, all half his age, were refused service and asked to leave by staff because they were all reportedly too intoxicated.” The party crew didn't leave and “hurled insults and threats toward random people and staff.” The man turned up the boat's radio to annoy customers. When police arrived at the scene, the man “took off down the river, waving his middle finger" at them. They were able to catch up to the boat and arrest the guy. It's unknown what charges he's facing. No word on where the bikini-clad women went. I real shame no one got any pictures, the dude flipping off the cops as he speeds away on his boat with a haggle of hoes in tow would be too perfect.



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