German Theme Park Closes New Ride as It ‘Looks Like Flying Swastikas’

YIKES! A German theme park has closed a ride that looked like flying swastikas. The “Eagle Fly” ride opened in July and features one long arm with two spinning carriages at each end. The four seats at the end of the spinning carriages resemble swastikas. "I'd like to stress how sorry we are to anyone who has felt at all insulted by this design,” said Rüdiger Braun, owner of the park. The image of the ride was circulated via Reddit and many users were stunned by the images the ride portrayed. Nazi symbols and propaganda is outlawed in Germany and is punishable with up to three years in jail. What are your thoughts on the “Eagle Fly” design? The theme park owner says the ride will be redesigned, do you think that is a good solution or should the ride be banned altogether?


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