Study Ranks Most Unfriendly States in America

Apparently, New Yorkers are doing a great job living up to their reputation as being obnoxious and rude. A new study that ranks all 50 states by friendliness puts the Big Apple dead last. Released Monday, the results of the Big 7-sponsored survey says New Yorkers can be kind, as long as you "don't dawdle on the sidewalk or hold up traffic taking Instagram shots." On the other end of the list, Minnesota comes in as the friendliest state in the country because of its "homey feel and locals who go the extra mile to welcome tourists." Tennessee comes in second, followed by South Carolina, Texas and Wyoming.

Massachusetts landed pretty much where you'd expect at 47th Most Unfriendly due to their "overall indifference towards strangers," which I like to call our classic New England charm. Surprise for New Hampshire residents, people don't find us all that friendly! Our 44th ranked population are described as "stubborn" and "proudness that can often be mistaken for arrogance towards outsiders." I have no issues with that description, the only crime here is that Florida somehow ranks higher than us. FLORIDA, the place where a man was Accused Of Threatening Neighbors With Nunchucks & Bug Spray and a woman hit someone with a baseball bat, bit off a child’s finger, then died. That's just this week, people.


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