Burglar Arrested After his Getaway Vehicle is Stolen

Apparently, there's no honor among thieves. A burglar in Washington state over the weekend saw a big heist go down the drain when a car thief made off with his getaway vehicle. The story began to unfold at about 6 a.m. Sunday when Kennewick police received a call from a man who said his 1992 Chevy pickup had just been stolen. When officers were sent out to investigate, the victim told them he'd parked the vehicle, leaving his keys on the seat -- and when he returned, his pickup was gone. So the cops reviewed security footage. While it didn't do much in the way of identifying the thief, it did explain why the victim was in the area at 6 o'clock in the morning: He was burglarizing a business. The owner of the pickup, who didn't end up stealing anything, was arrested, booked and charged with burglary. The other guy, who made off with the pickup truck, remains at large. Do you believe in karma? When has karma played a role in your life?



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