Groom's Mistress Shows Up to His Ceremony in Full Wedding Dress

Wedding cake visual metaphor with figurine cake toppers

There are many men and women who aren't faithful, and some of them go on to get married even though they cheat. Sometimes a spouse finds out about it years after the wedding, sometimes months and sometimes days, but one bride in South Africa learned about her husband-to-be's cheating ways seconds before saying "I do"... because her man's mistress showed up to the wedding uninvited and wearing a wedding dress. 

Furious that the guy was getting married, the side piece crashed the event wearing full regalia - veil, gloves, dress and everything - she even walked down the aisle, but only to interrupt the ceremony and wreak havoc on the nuptials. 

The groom attempted to calm her and get her to leave but she was too upset. She then tried to speak to the bride, likely to warn her about what she was getting into, and somehow the bride doesn't flip out. Eventually, a bridesmaid was able to pull the mistress away from the couple. 

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