We Now Know Who That 'Angry Eagles Fan' Turned Out To Be

By now you might have seen the viral video of a particularly worked-up Eagles fan losing his mind during the team's loss to Detroit on Sunday. Well, it turns out the 'Angry Eagles Fan' is an Ivy Leaguer. The screaming fan has been identified as Eric Furda, who since 2008 has served as dean of admissions at the University of Pennsylvania. Furda got clowned on Twitter for his meltdown, but he seemed to take it in stride, tweeting "I will take the 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct". However, Furda insists "I will not lose my passion for Philadelphia and Penn sports!" - although he says he'll watch the next game at home. Are you the kind of fan who gets a little too worked up during games? Is there anything wrong with getting loud at a football game?



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