Man Destroys New Hotel After He Hasn't Been Paid for 3 Months


This video is everything I needed on a Friday. In case you missed this video like we did, here's some serious justice being served by 35 year old John Manley after his boss failed to pay him 600 Euros for about 3 months of work. The guy sure seems to have snapped, even his fellow workers couldn't calm him down. And he isn't the only one still owed pay for work already completed, ECHO reporting a fellow worker saying, "I myself have been left unpaid for £1,100 worth of work while other lads are without even more than that. I have been working on that site for three months now and they still haven't paid me. There are around seven of us in the same boat." You can hear his boss yelling to him that he now has John's check, something tells me that's too little, too late.

Get the full story from ECHO here


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