Family Sues Zoo after Man Dies in Rhino Enclosure During Concert

The family of a man found dead in a rhino enclosure has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Oregon Zoo. Carl Stanley Ross and a friend went to the zoo August 10th to see a concert by funk legend George Clinton, according to the paperwork filed Thursday. Ross disappeared during the concert and didn't turn up until two days later, when zoo employees found his body in the newly-opened rhinoceros habitat. It wasn't immediately obvious how he died, police say, and autopsy results are still pending. Despite having no cause of death, Ross' family is suing for $5.4 million in damages, claiming the Oregon Zoo, as well as George Clinton, caused his death by "failing to maintain safe conditions." While zoo officials have not commented on the suit, a rep has previously noted that the rhino exhibit wasn't accessible from the concert lawn, meaning Ross had to go out of his way to get there. Is it ridiculous to name Clinton in the suit? If the victim had too much to drink and wandered into the enclosure on his own, is the zoo responsible?


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