Metal Bar Falls Off Semi, Impales Passenger in Car Behind It

Depending on how you look at it, a passenger in a car driving down a California highway is either really unlucky or lucky to be alive after a metal bar fell off a tractor-trailer and pierced her leg. The incident occurred Saturday on State Route 99 in Sacramento. Authorities say after the metal bar bounced off the pavement, it hit the Impala behind it with such force that it broke through the grill and traveled all the way through the engine compartment before impaling the unidentified woman's leg. The panicked driver immediately exited the freeway and called 911, police say. The injured passenger was taken to a local hospital, where she was listed in stable condition on Monday. Meanwhile, police are asking anyone who witnessed the freak accident to call them. They're looking for the driver of the big rig, who failed to stop following the accident. That's some Final Destination stuff right there!



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