Florida Man Caught With Cocaine Claims Wind Blew It Into His Car

A Florida man who was found to be in possession of cocaine during a recent traffic stop claimed the wind had blown it into his car. Fort Pierce resident Joseph Zak, 37, offered the unlikely explanation after he was stopped for blowing through a stop sign, his arrest report indicates. The officer says he saw Zak "trying to discard an item" as he approached the vehicle, according to the report. Upon further inspection, the officer found a Budweiser can with cocaine residue inside and a crack pipe. Zak was taken into custody on suspicion of cocaine possession. After the substance tested positive for coke, Zak told investigators either "the police or the wind must have placed it there," police records reveal. What's the stupidest excuse you've been given? What's the most ridiculous thing you've said in a stressful moment?


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