JANUARY 8, 2020

GREG - Peak productivitiy is at 10:30am and you are the most tired at 2:30pm. https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/the-time-of-day-has-a-significant-effect-on-your-productivity

KELLY - If you have given up sweets, good for you, because chocolate prices are up! https://abc7.com/food/chocolate-prices-may-increase-following-export-cost-hike/5823863/

KAYLA - New dating app for you called "High There" and is a tinder for the pot users in 23 states where pot is legal. https://www.businessinsider.com/high-there-is-tinder-for-pot-smokers-2015-2

ROADKILL - Joe Hill will be at Jetpack Comics tonight. https://www.fosters.com/news/20200106/author-joe-hill-to-make-appearance-at-jetpack-comics-jan-8

LAURA - Girl Scout Cookies are back and they have a new flavor, Lemon-Ups! https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/611560/new-lemon-up-girl-scout-cookie

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