Jimmy Page Announces "Standard" Version Of His 'Led Zeppelin I' Amplifier

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Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page is releasing a more economical version of his Sundragon amplifier, which is based on the heavily modified amp he used on Led Zeppelin I.

Page announced the limited-edition Sundragon last year as a means for fellow guitarists to capture the magic and tinker with the sounds of Led Zeppelin's iconic breakthrough album.

"Based on the overwhelming response to the limited-edition Sundragon amplifier, I am pleased to announce that we will be producing a standard model Sundragon amplifier," Page said in a statement.

The Sundragon Standard will include all but a handful of the features of the original limited edition amp, which is based on a Supro Coronado which was never the same after falling out of a van one day.

That fateful accident gave Page reason to tinker with the amp until he eventually landed on a unique sound that has never been fully explained or adequately reproduced till a year ago.

Page worked closely with boutique amplifier builders Mitch Colby and Perry Margouleff to reverse engineer the modded amp into what became the Sundragon. Parts used in the Standard model are carefully selected and hand built by Sundragon's team.

Go here for more information on Sundragon.

The announcement of the 50th anniversary amplifier followed news of Page's partnership with Fender on his famed Dragon Telecaster, another crucial tool of Page's used during the Led Zeppelin I-era.

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