FEBRUARY 21, 2020

GREG - Ring users should change some things up so people can't hack in. https://www.yahoo.com/news/doorbell-camera-spied-now-132145783.html

KELLY - Kia drivers there is a recall because your car could catch on fire! https://www.consumerreports.org/car-recalls-defects/kia-sedona-minivan-sorento-suv-recall-due-to-risk-of-engine-compartment-fire/

KAYLA - The Cuss Collar can translate your dog's barks into cuss words! https://abc7.com/5945427/

ROADKILL - Take on Me by Ah Ha has now reached the billion watched mark for You Tube. https://variety.com/2020/digital/news/a-ha-take-on-me-1-billion-youtube-views-1203507919/

LAURA - A new cereal for $13-$26 a box! Yikes! https://www.radio.com/articles/general-mills-new-cereal-retails-for-26-a-box

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