Chris Jericho Donates $2,000 to Amateur Wrestler who Broke Both Legs

He may be a brute in the ring, but wrestler Chris Jericho clearly has a soft side.

The AEW grappler has donated $2,000 to a fan who broke both of his legs attempting to replicate a wrestling move. The gory incident occurred last weekend when the amateur wrestler -- known only as Justin -- tried to jump off the top rope of a makeshift ring he'd constructed in his backyard.

Video of the incident, which has since gone viral, shows both of Justin's knees bend backwards and snap when he lands. See the video below.

WARNING: viewer discretion is advised.

Doctors are reportedly trying to determine whether his legs should be amputated.

A GoFundMe page set up by Justin's family features a $2,000 donation from Jericho, who says, "That was so terrible!" The GoFuneMe has already raised over $14,000 to assist in his recovery.

Would there have to be a preexisting problem for something like this to happen? By drawing attention to this incident, is Jericho encouraging other fans to pull stupid stunts?

Photo: Getty Images

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