Spin The Black Circle: Pearl Jam Unplug For Record Store Day

Pearl Jam were a phenomenon in 1992. Those of us wrapped in flannel loved every minute of it and Eddie Vedder was the reluctant grunge poster boy with that growl in his voice that would go on to be mimicked well in the aughts. When the band reported to the New York City MTV Studios, they’d quite literally just deplaned from their first European tour to record what would surely be the Pacific Northwest holy trifecta of fabled unpluggeds - Nirvana and Alice in Chains close that circle.

It proved to be one of the most powerfully raw stripped down sets by the band to date. They had only one release under their belts with Ten blazing its existential dread in the faces of the suburban kids.

Seven songs from the MTV taping made it to air - “Oceans” “State of Love and Trust” (from the Singles soundtrack), “Alive” “Black” “Jeremy” “Even Flow” “Porch” with the band’s finale, a cover of the notable Godfather of Grunge, Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World.” 

The band are set to release the famous MTV Unplugged performance on vinyl on November 29 for Record Store Day‘s Black Friday event. 

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