AC/DC's Brian Johnson Brings His Life On The Road To America

We are still in the dark as to what AC/DC are up to, but we can watch Brian Johnson in action. Brian Johnson: A Life On The Road - the television interview series he hosts - is coming Stateside, making its US debut Sunday, September 15 at 9 pm on AXS. In season one (see the trailer), Brian pays a visit to Sting in New York to talk about the earliest days of The Police and how the band managed to make a name for themselves as virtual unknowns coming from the UK. They visit the former site of the Police’s first gig in the states - the infamous Bowery club CBGB’s (now home to $400 designer tshirts). While extolling its many virtues, Sting best describes the Lower East Side venue as "kind of a spooky place… it was so full of history."

And disgusting bathrooms.

The series sees Brian Johnson move around the globe, speaking to Robert Plant in at a ruined castle in North Wales, Roger Daltrey at The Who’s old stomping grounds near London, then to Dublin to share a pint with Joe Elliot of Def Leppard as he reflects on how the band is part of the legacy of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Other episodes will feature Metallica's Lars Ulrich in San Francisco and Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason at home with his collection of classic cars. That's a pretty solid season one.

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