New Releases for Friday March 24, 2017


Anthrax “For All Kings” (7-inch box set)

Jethro Tull “Jethro Tull: The String Quartets”

Michael Schenker “Live Tokyo International Forum Hall” (2 CDs)

Night Ranger “Don’t Let Up”

Paul McCartney “Flowers in the Dirt” (Reissue)

Steve Hackett “The Night Siren”

The Golliwogs “Fight Fire: The Complete Recordings 1964 – 1967”

Frank Zappa “Joe’s Corsage” “Greasy Love Songs” “Carnegie Hall” “Roxy By Proxy” “Joe’s Camouflage” Philly ’76” “Hammersmith Odeon” “Congress Shall Make No Law …” “Feeding the Monkies at Ma Maison” “Civilization Phaze III” “Everything is Healing Nicely” “Dance Me This” “Frank Zappa Plays the Music of Frank Zappa” “Joe’s Domage” “Joe’s Xmasage” “Imaginary Diseases” “The MOFO Project/Object” “The Dub Room Special!” “Buffalo” “Joe’s Menage” “One Shot Deal” “A Token of His Extreme Soundtrack” (Reissues)

Pink Floyd “Cambridge St/ation” “Germin/ation” “Dramatis/ation” “Devi/ation” “Reverver/ation” “Obfusc/ation”

The Jesus and Mary Chain “Damage and Joy”

Pallbearer “Heartless”

Wolf Eyes “Undertow”


CHiPS: Starring Dax Shepard, Michael Pena

 Rookie cop teams up with a veteran officer, and finds out he’s really a  federal agent investigating the department


Life: Starring Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal

 Scientists aboard the international space station discover the cause of Mars’ extinction, that now threatens life on Earth


Power Rangers: Starring Darce Montgomery, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader

 5 teens unknowingly become a team of superheroes, battling an evil from another galaxy to save earth

Call me Furious...... Mr. Furious!

Call me Furious...... Mr. Furious!

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