My Thoughts on the NEW RAMMSTEIN

Ok, I don’t normally do this kind of thing. But it’s been a very difficult few months for me and there hasn’t been a damn thing that has gotten me excited, until now. I’m pretty sure I blew the speakers in my Jeep listening to it so damn loud. Oops.

Rammstein just dropped a new album today and it’s absolutely f**king INCREDIBLE. “Deutschland” will just fill you full of adrenaline. The opening riffs of “Radio” remind me of old school Static-X “Wisconsin Death Trip” album….and will have you air guitaring and head banging right off the rip. “Zeig Dich” is another hand banging aggressive, yet simple track. “Auslander” breaks up the metal with more industrial/electronic sounds that still make you want to move your body violently. “Sex” starts off slowly, but then quickly climaxes into an all-out assault on your ears with harmonic guitars, and a chorus worth shouting at the top of your lungs. This is probably my favorite track on the album that hasn’t been released on youtube. It’s just….well….sex. “Puppe” has a very ballad feel in the beginning…but then it the drums and guitars kick in to remind that Rammstein is back with a vengeance. “Was Ich Liebe”, with a NIN “Closer” feel intro, it definitely grabs your attention. Driving bass lines bring you to the chorus with chunky, fat guitar riffs. Not as heavy as some tracks on the album, but a good listen. “Diamant” is the one true ballad on the album, but the acoustic guitars with Till Lindemann’s gruff voice complement each other very well. “Weit Weg” is a down tempo track that still brings a level of heavy to it. “Tattoo” has the feel of Rammstein’s first album “Herzeleid”, guitar and bass lines you would expect to hear from a 90’s industrial band. It’s solid and another one of my favorite tracks. The album wraps up with “Hallomann”, opening with a really fat bass line and some very simple drums that keep it from having too much of a ballad-y feel, even though the vocals may have you thinking it is.

Till Lindemann’s voice throughout this album is simply incredible. Considering the dude is 56 years old and can still perform on this level…I think the older sound of his voice actually make this album so much better. Like a grizzled veteran pissed off at the world around him and he’s letting everyone know.

Bottom line. BUY THIS ALBUM! Get the deluxe edition. Link to listen to "Deutschland" below...Can't post the actual video cuz of the content, but the official video is a masterpiece.

Call me Furious...... Mr. Furious!

Call me Furious...... Mr. Furious!

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