New Releases for Tuesday February 18, 2020


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Tom Hanks, Matthew Rhys)

Midway (Luke Evans, Mandy Moore)

Jojo Rabbit (Roman Griffin Davis, Taika Waititi)

21 Bridges (Taylor Kitsch, Sienna Miller)

Frankie (Isabelle Huppert, Sennia Nauna)


Corruption 2029 (PC)

Mokoko (PC)

Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle (PS4, XBONE)

Drone Champions League (PC, PS4, XBONE)

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition (SWITCH) 2/20

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 DLC (PC, PS4, XBONE, SWITCH) 2/20

Puyo Puyo 2 (SWITCH) 2/20

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (SWITCH) 2/20

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] (PS4, SWITCH) 2/20

Ciel Fledge (PC, SWITCH) 2/21

"A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood" New York Screening

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