You Can Have Your Ashes Made Into a Working Vinyl Album

With more and more people opting for their remains to be cremated after death, a problem arises: what are families supposed to do with all these urns they accumulate over time?

Internment is still an option, but it's not cheap. And visiting a jar locked away in a box isn't quite as sentimental as visiting a grave. Then there's the problem of scattering ashes...

That's a problem that stuck with And Vinyly founder Jason Leach. As Leach explains in the above video, cremation is something many of his relatives have opted for. With his grandfather, and then again with his uncle, the old scattering-of-the-ashes ceremony turned out something like this...

But if you're a music lover, or if you just have something of yours you would like to see live on in audio form after your death, there is a new option: press your ashes into vinyl.

Determined to never let his own remains fly into someone's face, Adam started his own company to allow the deceased to "live on from beyond the groove."

Leach says his company offers customers the chance to have their ashes pressed into a working vinyl record that can contain a personal message, a last will and testament, a soundtrack or "the minimal approach" which is just "your pops & crackles."

They'll even create a custom album cover for you!

Would you or anyone you know do this?

Learn more by watching the video below or visit And Vinyly's website, here.



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