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Zumper | iOS & Android

Zumper makes renting an apartment or house easy! Find and instantly apply to rent your dream house, apartment, or condo. Once you’ve narrowed your search to your favorite apartments or houses, message or call each landlord directly from the app. Save your favorite rentals and keep track of the apartments or condos you’ve contacted. Forget the paperwork — renting has gone digital! Easily create a rental application and Experian credit report (US only) right from your device and then apply for your dream house with the tap of a finger.

MixCam | iOS

Get creative with MixCam and capture moments with both the front and back camera at the same time. MixCam is great for: Live Reaction Videos, Daily Vlogs, Journalism, and Interviews. The front & back camera option works only on the following devices running iOS 13: XR XS XsMax iPhone 11 and above

Gaia GPS Hiking, Hunting Maps | iOS & Android

Both a hiking navigation app and a platform for finding hikes, Gaia GPS helps you discover your next adventure. You can also create your own tracks, leave reviews, and contribute to the community-sourced hike database. Build custom hunting maps by cross-referencing game management units with public and private land parcels. Then, get deep into the wilderness to find solitude, even on opening day, with the Roadless and Roadless/Trailless overlays.

Snapshelf | iOS

Scan books and documents and Snapshelf will automagically convert them into texts for you.

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