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Disney+ | iOS & Android

Only Disney+ gives you endless access to your favorite movies and TV series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. From The Lion King, to all-new Originals like The Mandalorian, there's something exciting for everyone. You'll also get access to new movies, complete TV series, shorts, and documentaries. Disney+ already has over 10 million subscribers.

SketchAR | iOS & Android

Learn how to draw using new SketchAR 5.0 technology - computer vision and augmented reality merged together to speed up the learning process and make it more entertaining. SketchAR is for those who have always wanted but have never been able to draw. Also, the app is designed for professional artists as a simp​le and convenient way to trace sketches onto any desired surface (e.g., canvas, wall, etc.).

MusicHarbor - Track New Music | iOS

With MusicHarbor you can follow your favorite artists closely and be the first to know about new music, concerts and news. See all albums from artists you follow on a single centralized timeline, chronologically ordered. Also, you can filter by types like album, EP, single and remix. Track all concerts scheduled for a specific city, or from artists you follow.

MauAR - Berlin Wall | iOS

Official App for the anniversary "30 Years Fall of the Wall". The Berlin Wall divided a city for decades and fell 30 years ago. Augmented Reality (AR) makes it possible to take you back in time. Look through the camera of your phone and see the Berlin Wall and its history.

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