What's Appening - 05/11/21

  1. Mimi Heating Test | iOS

The Mimi Hearing Test is the easiest way to assess your hearing ability. This hearing test will give you understandable results in about 6 minutes. The Mimi app is currently calibrated for Apple EarPods, Apple AirPods, Apple AirPods Pro, the Sennheiser HDA 200 & 300.

2.Greg: Plant Care Assistant | iOS & Android

Let me guess, you bought a bunch of plants over the past few months and now you’re feeling overwhelmed? Have no fear, Greg is here! While you’ve been selling out your local nursery, I’ve been hard at work studying over 35,000 data points collected on houseplants worldwide. I’ll set a schedule for each of your plants and adapt it over time based on your habits as well as the weather and climate in your area. Prepare for the indoor jungle of your dreams.

3.Yuka - Food & Cosmetic Scanner | iOS & Android

Yuka is a free mobile app that allows you to scan the barcodes of food and personal care products and instantly see their impact on your health. A rating and detailed information help you understand the analysis of each product.

4.Dooinwell - for older adults | iOS

Dooinwell helps families ensure an older adult living on their own is not having an unnoticed event in-between calls or visits. Dooinwell relies on the active engagement of the older adult and alert families if a safety issue is suspected.

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