1. Eyeye - Eyesight Trainer | iOS

Eyeye is an eyesight trainer app powered by eye-tracking technology that helps you improve your vision and reduce eye strain. Eyeye integrates the principles of eye gymnastics into a series of exercises. It uses the TrueDepth camera and sensors on your device to track your eye movements and make sure you’re doing it right. Start building eye-caring habits with customizable training schedule and daily reminders to keep your eyes healthy and resilient to stress.

2.Bandsintown Concerts | iOS & Android

Bandsintown helps you find all live shows in one place. Stay connected with the artists you love through virtual concerts streamed directly to your device or find tickets for upcoming shows & tours. Our free app simplifies live stream, artist, and concert discovery by allowing you to track your favorite artists, be the first to receive alerts when they announce an event, and buy concert tickets or watch live - all in one place. 

3.Songwriter Pro - Lyrics + Songs | iOS $3.99

Songwriter Pro helps thousands of songwriters around the world stay inspired and write more effectively. Rhyme Search (for when you just can’t seem to finish off a rhyme) Phrase Search (helps you get beyond writer’s block by providing more complete ideas), Word Search (let the app help you find words based on different moods like: love, anger, hope, fear, etc.), Audio Recording (for those who prefer to record their ideas), Audio Importing (import your instrumentals to keep you inspired while writing).

4.Nome - Music & Maps | iOS

Nome is the first navigation app of its kind. Nome will create a mixtape perfectly matching the duration of your trip. Gone are the days of getting home halfway through a song or fumbling to pick an album before you leave. Get stuck in traffic or change your route? No problem, Nome will automatically adapt, so the music always ends when you arrive at your destination. Here’s how to use Nome. Find where you want to go - Get driving or walking directions - Start your trip and Nome handles the rest.

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