What's Appening - 11/29/21

  1. Kinsa| iOS & Android

Let Kinsa guide you from the first sign of sickness through recovery. Easily track temperatures, symptoms and medication for everyone in your family. Remember details such as when symptoms began, how high the fever got, or when to give another dose of medication and share it with another caregiver or your doctor. Temperature data integrates seamlessly with HealthKit and the Health app.

2.Instant Date | iOS

Instant Date is World’s first date scheduling app that allows you to plan a date with others. You can easily search for a person and then send them an invite to date, then plan the date in the Agreement Board, send your status when you arrive and check-in. You can use question games to keep your date going. It’s really fun and helps you build meaningful relationships.

3.Thanksgiving Recipes & Meals | iOS & Android

Thanksgiving Recipes is a simple way to browse hundreds of recipes, create grocery lists, and save your favorite meals. Regardless if you are looking for recipes for a large Thanksgiving feast or a dessert to take to the potluck, Thanksgiving Recipes can help you find exactly what you are looking for. The app includes full nutrition facts, macro breakdowns of each recipe, and cooking directions.

4.Black Friday 2021 | iOS & Android

Black Friday 2021 app brings you latest shopping deals, throughout the year, like the ones offered during the annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events. With this app, you can save big by staying up-to-date on what shopping deals are currently available. To keep you informed, the list of deals is updated regularly. This app also has a deal finder feature that lets you search through the currently available latest deals.

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