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What's Appening 11/22/22

  1. FIFA+| iOS & Android

FIFA+ is your home for football and the official World Cup™ app. From highlights and stats to a live World Cup blog, stay up to date on the game’s biggest tournament. Follow your favourite team and play the official World Cup fantasy game. Football is at your fingertips with FIFA+. You can also watch the games on the FOX Sports and Peacock app.

2.                Whisk: Recipes & Grocery List | iOS & Android

Found a recipe on the internet that looks great? Add it to Whisk and start creating your personal cookbook. Pull recipes from any website or cooking site/app, substitute ingredients, adjust serving sizes or, if you want to, just change the way the recipes are written. No need to continue memorizing the recipe edits or writing them down on paper. Get inspired!

3.                MusicHarbor | iOS & Android

MusicHarbor helps you stay on top of new music releases, music videos, events, and news from all your favorite artists and record labels. See all the albums from the artists and labels you follow on a chronologically ordered timeline. You can also hide feats/collabs and filter by types such as album, single, EP, remix, live and acoustic.

4.                Filteroff - Speed Dating | iOS & Android

Instead of sitting and swiping, we schedule dates for you and you meet real people live on video. Here's how it works: 1. Sign up for one of our date night events, based on your location or interests. 2. We schedule 5+ video dates for that evening. 3. You have just a few minutes to connect live on video. 2. After the date, decide whether to pass or continue chatting over text / video.

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