I Met a Couple Coyotes.....And I DON'T Like Coyotes

So, I was at the Parker River Wildlife Refuge down on Plum Island early over the weekend - and I took this photo from the side of the road - from inside the car. I pulled over and got out - to see if i could get another shot (the coyote was off to the right) - only to see another one off to the left -

THAT'S when I got paranoid! Look, in my head, I know they are very unlikely to do anything to a human - BUT- there's a part of me that is scared s***less of these things! That thing was looking at me thinking "Man- I could eat for a MONTH off that guy!!!". Seriously, he was looking at me like I was a restaurant challenge - "EAT THIS GUY IN 30 MINUTES AND ITS FREE!!!"

So - as soon as I saw the second one, and imagined them circling me like Liam Neeson in "The Grey" - I was back in the CR-V with the doors locked!

Go ahead- call me a "p*ssy" - I don't care. Haha...

On another note- I did get a nice shot of the sunrise.....hahaha

And here's a video of what it was like out there- it was a cold but beautiful morning -

AND- I didn't get eaten by coyotes-

So I got THAT going for me -


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