Fashion Mistake: You Got To OWN IT!

What the hell was I THINKING????? It seemed like a good idea in the moment!

I was in OH last weekend to visit our son, who's the athletic trainer for the Bowling Green State University soccer and softball teams. And while on the sidelines - they had a booth selling BG merch. Well, as a Dad - Im proud of my son and wanted to, you know, represent! So - I bought this sweatshirt. It's a Champion (a brand that was big in like 1984!!! haha)!!! It looked comfortable, and simple! So, BOOM! I laid down $50 and got it.

But when I got home and went to wear it a week later- didn't look like I thought it would.

Who am I? CLARK GRISWOLD? Where's my fanny pack and trucker hat that says "#1 DAD" on it!

But I GOTTA WEAR IT at least ONCE, right? I paid $50 for it - so I have to wear it once! I consider it my PENANCE for making the bad choice to begin with!

And so here I am - owning the mistake!

And today Laura did the same thing with her sneakers - she''s all out of whack because they don't match "her outfit" - hahaha!

Ever make a fashion mistake?


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