Winter's Watch: A Woman Lives Alone All Winter on an Island Off NH Coast

If you're from the coastal area of NH, you've at least heard of the Isle of Shoals. It's one of my favorite places to visit, and i do so at least once a year. This is a short film by Brian Bolster that came out 2 years ago, and it's really good at creating the mood of the island in winter. It's special.

The Isle of Shoals has a soul to it that you can feel the moment you step off the boat.

And this film is about a woman - Alexandra De Steiguer - who stays out on the island all winter long- ALONE. She stays in a house next to the grand hotel there, and the place has an eerie feel to it that reminds me of how the hotel in The Shining might feel. But there's also a magic about it as well. It's very old, and the island and the buildings have a million stories to tell, I'm sure. And the thought of being there alone is one that intrigues the hell out of me.

How long could I (or you) last there all by ourselves?

In a quiet so still you can hear the wind whipping through the bushes outside. Or waves crashing into the rocky shore hundreds of yards away.

It's both intriguing and mysterious. And if I'm being honest, a little bit scary and intimidating.

But this woman is all of those things as well. At least to me.

If you know the place, and haven't seen this film - take 14 minutes to do so, and let me know what you think. I'd love to know -

For me it makes me want to be there, and that's the same thing I hope a photo I take achieves. And although I'd love to be alone there, I think I'd actually only make it a few days before I'd be ready to head home.

Which makes Alexandra all the more amazing.

Let me know what you think -