Man Hordes 17,000+ Bottles of Hand Sanitizer To Sell - Being Investigated?

This is the stuff that drives me batshit crazy.

Don't cry to me about supply and demand, and the spirit of American capitalism! This guy is a selfish prick who decided he was going to make money by hording something the public was in dire need of - and then selling it at an exorbitant price.

I believe that's the definition of "DOUCHEBAG".

I think the same thing when I see people in the grocery store (last week) buying 350 rolls of toilet paper. Are you really going to s*** that much in a month, bro? Do you have the runs constantly? Because if so - well, you go on with your bad self. But what is more likely, is that these people just want to turn a buck on Facebook yardsale, or ebay, or whatever site that will allow them to rip people off.

I have to issues here: 1. With that a-holes that do it. Shame on you. Its not like you're hording beany babies - something that isn't NECESSARY. You're wiping out a supply of something that may be in desperate need in the near future! Hell, I watched a Mom look for TP for her kids- and she only needed ONE package - and she couldn't find it anywhere! YOU ASSCLOWNS DID THAT. So there's problem 1. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

And 2. Any website that allows that kind of re-selling, price gouging is just as guilty. They should shut that stuff down pronto.

Sorry if I sound like Im on a "high horse", but I would argue that I'm not on a "high horse" - I'm on the "humanity horse". I'm just calling it like I see it. If you do this kind of things with necessities during trying times like these - don't kid yourself - you're not "practicing the American way", you're just being a complete selfish asshole.

Want to hear the worst example of it?

Read THIS article about a guy who went out and horded Hand Sanitizer - as in - 17,000+ bottles of it. Read it HERE

And now - he may even be charged with a crime for it - read it HERE

Any guesses what side I'm pulling for in that last article?

People. Not a big fan.


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