Godsmacks "Unforgettable" Video (featuring local kids!) is AWESOME!

This video - is UNFORGETTABLE.

Honestly- this may be my favorite music video of all time. I know - that's saying a lot - but here's why:

There is so much JOY in it, that it's infectious.

Watching Sully, Shannon, Tony and Robbie work with these local kids, and share in the gift of music - is an amazing thing to see.

I was at the show they did at Bank of NH Pavillion with Shinedown, when Godsmack brought some of these kids on stage to sing this song in front of 9000 fans- and it was amazing.

And what made it even moreso was seeing Sully's reaction after the show. He was elated at how those kids did on stage, and how cool it was to see the joy in their eyes!

And that feeling permeates this video for me.

Obviously I'm a fan of the band, but I'm also a fan of the guys in it. This video is special. It's special to watch, and I know it must have been special for every kid that got to be involved.

And maybe it will inspire kids to pick up a guitar, or drumsticks, or bass- or a mic - and just express themselves through music.....

Nice work, boys-


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