New Photo Tuesday: Some Recent Shots Of Mine

So here's some of my recent photo work. It's not unusual for me to get up at 2:15am and drive 2 or 3 hours north to shoot a sunrise along the coast, or in the mountains- and I absolutely love it.

The fawn above was in a field in Acadia National Park, with the Mom nearby. The deer there aren't skittish and are used to seeing people so they don't bolt if they see you. But still, I kept my distance and shot this with a 600mm lens.

And next, I used the "bird" - which is what I call my drone - for this shot above Portland Head Light. It's such a beautiful place- it's impossible to take a bad picture of it.

And while we're talking lighthouses- I went to York Beach to shoot the comet Neowise, but low clouds along the horizon rained on that parade. So- that's when you bust out the back up plan and head to shoot Nubble from Long Sands.

The sun comes up directly behind it from a distance- and always appears so much larger from a distance than it does when you're close to the lighthouse-

Not bad for a back up plan...

And now - the moon.

Its crazy that I can see that kind of detail on the moon with a 600mm lens. Insane.

And while we're in heavens-

Here's the Milky Way shot from Acadia National Park, overlooking Otter Cliff.

Let me just say - this is a single shot photo (not a composite of multiple images), and THIS is what it looked like with the naked eye. It was INSANE. It honestly felt like I was looking directly into space. I was alone on the rocks at 11pm and there was no wind and a slight surf- so it was quiet. It was perfect. And it was the most bold display of the MW that I have ever seen.

And last but not least- a sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mountain - the place that many say is the first to see the sun along the eastern seaboard-

It was an incredible morning - and this picture doesn't even do it justice.

So there's a few for ya. Hope you like em. If you want to see more of my photo work, feel free to check out .



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