The ONE April Fools Prank I Fell For

Congratulations to Bob French- YOU GOT ME.

When I saw this on Facebook yesterday- on April 1st- I was SO excited about the prospect of a great concert to go see- I totally forgot what day it was.

So, like an excited kid who couldn't wait to get involved with something cool -

I sent an email up the company chain to the bosses - urging them to get involved with the show.

And I was thrilled to come in to do the show this morning and tell you all about the show - and when I told Roadkill about it - he just looked at me and said -

"Your'e an idiot".

And that's when I said..... "F***."

Ugh. You got me, Bob! Well played!

You played on my emotions about how much I miss concerts, and so I overlooked the reasoning that an almost 90 year old legendary guitarist would want to play at show in NEW HAMPSHIRE- IN MAY- DURING THE TAIL END OF A PANDEMIC!!!!


So congrats, Bob - you sonofabitch!!! <grin>


ps. Bob posted this on his Facebook page this afternoon - and I laughed my ass off -