My Weekend in 5 (or so) Pics: Hoops,Easter, Eagles, AC's, and a Ribeye

A pretty chill weekend - although we did go out for dinner on Saturday night- which was Valerie and I's first "dine in" experience in over a year with our friends Dave and Jolene. Man - it felt good to do that. Sorry though- no pics from it, haha. After that, we watched the Zaga-UCLA game - HOLY S*** WHAT A GAME!!!

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - Final Four - UCLA v Gonzaga

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - Final Four - UCLA v Gonzaga

That was just about a HALF COURT SHOT- and he got NOTHING but NET!! I was reading today that some are claiming it's the greatest Final Four game of all time. I don't know about that - but it was a great one! What do you think? Think it was the best ever?

And - of course- I spent sometime out in the woods getting a few bald eagle shots. Generally, I only go out for about an hour or so at a time (it's all I have time for!) - but I did record off the back of the camera after I watched a female eagle return to the nest, to relieve her male mate- who was sitting on their eggs. Pretty cool that they take turns doing it! Here's what it kind of looked like in real time!

and here's what one of the shots looked like-

Hey - here's where you can help me! We're thinking of replacing our window air conditioners with this kind -

Anyone use these kind of AC units? You just have to put the exhaust hose out the window (using a bracket system that looks really easy) - but Im not sure how well they work! If you have one- I'd love your review! Email me at ! Thanks!

Visited with my parents on Easter!

And no, I didn't go empty handed.....

And we ended the weekend with this -

A perfect rib eye steak (my favorite), with broccoli/cashew/cran raisin salad and sweet potatoes.

And the best part? Tyler was on the grill! haha- NICE!