Anyone Remember The "FREEDOM ROCK" Commercial and CD?

You have to be mid 40's or 50's or older to remember this commercial.....

Dude in commercial: "DUDE! IS THAT FREEDOM ROCK???"


Freedom Rock was a badass collection of tunes from the 60's and 70's that you could only get through this tv commercial (well, at least for while).

And guess what has two thumbs and ordered that thing on first view?


There was nothing like seeing some awesome collections of songs that you couldn't buy in stores- and I was a sucker for 'em.

Time-Life Best of the 60's, 70's and 80's? I got em.

Time Life Best of the 70's - by year? GOT IT -

The British Invasion 3 cd set? - Oh yeah.

Freedom Rock? YOU BET YOUR ASS, BRO!!!

Hell, I may have even had a K-Tel record or two along the way (but you have to be really old to remember those!)

The Freedom Rock COMMERCIAL though- became iconic for how bad it was- and I'll be honest, just seeing it today in the rabbit hole of the internet that YouTube is- has made me want to go home and dig out that cd!

I may even bring it in with me tomorrow- so YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!