Red Sox Sport New Colors and Fans Go Nuts

The Boston Red Sox and the MLB announced their first collaboration with Nike yesterday - and this is what they came u p with -

Wow! Right?

Inspired by the Patriots' Day holiday and the Boston Marathon, the jerseys feature a marathon bib patch with 617, Fenway Park's area code, on the left sleeve.

The radical design for MLB is part of Nike's first venture into designing alternates for baseball, known as the City Connect series, meant to push the boundaries of uniform design.

Red Sox chief marketing officer Adam Grossman said: "We want to push the envelope and be bold in this."

And let's face it - "we also want to make bank"- is what he was thinking. For sure, it's gonna make em a ton of money.

Here's the announcement on Twitter - (and read the comments)

Me? I got no problem with it at all.

It's a specialty jersey, and over the next couple years, every team will get one.

Just another thing fans will run to the store to and buy. And to be honest- I think I kind of like it!

Go Sox-