WTF! Is THIS Normal? Is THIS a Thing? I've Never Seen it Before...

Double yolks???

WTF!!! I didn't know whether to think its awesome or GROSS! (I eventually sided with AWESOME)

I'll be honest- I don't know a lot about chicken eggs. I'm still confused about how they pump em out everyday. Also - how I can eat em and not have a chicken embryo in there.

But hey, I'm a dj - not a Future Farmer of America. I can't know all that s***!

But back to the double yolks. IS THAT NORMAL? I grabbed 2 eggs that we got from a friend who obviously has chickens, and when I cracked em open - BOTH had double yolks! I was like, WHOAH!!!

Is that normal?

Is it exceptional? I mean - should I go out play Power Ball or something?

As a person that usually asks for his eggs to be cooked "over easy"- I can dig it - but I thought- what are the chances TWO eggs I choose would BOTH have double yolks?

I'm clueless. So if you have any intel on that that would hip me to the situation, I'd appreciate it. Email me -!

Thanks -


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