My Disney "Phase": 1993. Embarrassing Pic or Not?

What can I say? I loved Disney. Loved the movies. Loved WDW. And when Valerie and I went for the first time, together- we had a blast!

So - yeah, we had to have a pic taken with Mickey! And this was wayyy before cell phones- so this was taken with a camera and - wait for it- FILM!

As I described on the air- it was 1993 - and clearly I had no sense of fashion (then or now, by the way!). I had the shorts on, and what I think was a TANK TOP under it! The Disney hat would make Clark Griswold look hip!

And yes- I wore - A FANNY PACK. Hey! IT WAS 1993 AND THEY WERE FRIGGIN COOL!!! (said no one ever!)

ANYWAY- I had the pic blown up and framed, and gave it to Valerie for Xmas. Looking back now? Total geek move!

But what can I say? That's just me, I guess. So as promised - here's the pic. Let the beating begin!!

and to give you an idea of the size of the frame?

Its big!

And to round out the picture of my complete geek-a-zoid before it was cool to be a geek - we also had this:

and one of the original animated cel's from Disney's "Bambi" -

I think i paid about $150 for this back then - and it was supposedly only one of 500 in print. (IM SURE!!!! haha)

So there it is- yes, I went thru a Disney phase.

But after an intervention, and a lot of help and therapy through the years, I've recovered.

(but I'd go back to Walt Disney World tomorrow if I had the chance!)


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