My Weekend in 5: The B Ride, Bus Rides, Pickin' and Laying Low

The weekend didn't start the way I had hoped- as I hadn't been feeling well through the last few days of the week. Just a cold- BUT - in todays world- I wanted to play it safe and went got

a Covid Test....

Test- as expected- was negative. But I wanted to make sure that with all the folks coming to the ride on Saturday - I didn't want to unknowingly infect anyone! The test was a new type - different then the one where they invade your brain cavity with a long brush that tickles the back of your nasal cavity! This one looked like a regular Q-tip they just rubbed around the inside of my nostril. 15 min later, I got the rapid results (which was backed up today by the longer more extensive test). Yes, it was a little bit of a pain in the ass, but you gotta be responsible and make sure I'm not carrying it and spreading it.. So..... next morning it was off to the Blacksmith Ride! And man- you guys showed up!!!

Heres Roadkill and I with Seacoast Harley owner Al Comtois and our Chief Engineer and my good friend Ken Neenan before the ride!

I want to thank all of those who came out and participated in the event, which helped to raise money and awareness for DONATE LIFE NEW ENGLAND, in memory of Andy. Thanks so much to all of you! I Also want to specifically thank Arielle Andrews of Seacoast Harley, and Anne Landau of iHeartMediaNH for being the real workhorses who put the event together. In addition, huge thanks to Phil Miles and the other officers who volunteered their time to be part of our "Ride Guards" - that made sure each intersection was clear for us to proceed through, keeping the ride moving and safe. You guys are the best-

On Sunday, Valerie and I went to watch our son Tyler come across the finish line of a half marathon he was running. In order to get to it, you had to take a shuttle bus. A yellow school bus. I hadn't been on one in a long time. Anwyay- Im sitting there and I notice the sign with the rules on it:

I laughed because those were some pretty specific rules! When I rode the school bus - there was only ONE rule posted up there and it was plain and simple:


And they weren't kidding!!! If they caught you eating on the bus, the bus driver could pull over and kick you off- NO MATTER WHERE YOU WERE! I SHIT YOU NOT! I saw it! The bus driver pulled over because some kid was eating cherries or something and he spit the seeds out! Bus driver pulls over, about 2 miles from school - and KICKS THE KID OFF! Tells him - "HOOF IT, MISTER!" - and then took off!

Can you IMAGINE what would happen to a bus driver if they did that today! Hilarious! YOU EAT, YOU WALK. Tough shit, buttercup. Break the rules, YOU'RE OUT. HAHAH - i was laughing just thinking about it -

From there we zipped over to our local orchard, Butternut Farms in Farmington- to do pick some apples-

Valerie digs the Macs.....

Don't forget folks- always support your local farmers!

Then - the chilling continued as we (Molly and I)) watched the Patriots...haha

Like I always say - "It's Molly's world.....we just live in it".

A low key weekend, but a good one nonetheless. Hope you enjoyed yours -


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