Brady's Return: The Highlights: The Tribute, the "Hug"-And The Record

For those who may have missed it - heres the biggest moments from last nights Pats/Bucs game -

First- here's the tribute video the Pats played before the game-

And here's what Tom released just before the game...

Tom's post game interview

The kick that could have won it for the Patriots- hit the friggin POST!

And when Brady broke the NFL All Time Passing Record- this was how they paid tribute to him -

with a quick flash on the jumbotron.

Major record, no big deal. Not in New England. Play football fellas-

Did he deserve better? Yeah, I think so.

What do you think?

I know Brady got all the talk - but you got to admire Mac Jones! Kid played well against the King- and set an all time Rookie record by completing 19 passes in a row in one game!

And when it was over- the moment everyone wanted to see- the Brady-Belichick hug.

If you blinked, you missed it. It was the fastest hug in history

To be fair- reports say Belichick went into the Tampa locker room after the game to talk with Tom-

but heres the hug -

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