Idiot of The Day: Karen Loses It in McDonalds, Blames Diabetes!

Another day, another idiot acting like a jackass because something didn't go their way....

Apparently, this woman wasn't pleased that the coffee wasn't ready in McDonalds-

So -she did what so many other self entitled assholes do in 2021 - she trashed the place

"I got diabetes and my blood sugars low" -

That was her EXCUSE.

Man - I would love for someone to just sweep the leg out from people like this!

You wanna trash the place because the coffee isn't ready? Then you better be ready for Johnny Lawrence to appear out of nowhere and sweep your friggin leg out from under you and knock you on your ass!

I seriously hope she was arrested. And maybe sprayed with a firehose.

This s**t drives me insane... (can you tell? haha)

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