My Weekend in 5: Vermont Roadtrip, Critters, Covid Tests & Football

Not the most eventful of weekends, for me - unfortunately! But- I did get a pretty good roadtrip to Vermont on Saturday!

I also found out I was exposed to someone with covid last week, so even though I didn't have, and don't have any symptoms- I had to get a covid test. (The results, by the way were negative). But my Sunday was spent at home chilling until I got the results- hence the less than eventful weekend.

So anyway - I started out at 4am with a drive to East Corinth VT. It's a small but beautiful town with a gorgeous spot for a great foliage photo. It also happens to be where part of the movie "Beetlejuice" was filmed. Check it out -

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

It was a gorgeous morning - sun came up, a little bit of fog rolled through - and the only thing you could hear was a rooster crowing in the distance....

Here's a little video of my time there, and the giant man eating critter that tried to KILL ME!

WHEW- made it out barely alive on that one!! Haha- poor guy- he was lumbering away like he was walking off a 3 day bender...)

Anyway - onward I went...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Theres nothing better than early mornings and an empty roadway at this time of year....

And as I made my way up through towns like Cambridge, Barnet, Barnard, Hardwick, St Johnsbury, Danville, Morristown and more- the color in part of the state were phenomenal, whereas in others up there, it wasn't as rich. Heres a couple from farm country in and around Barnet -

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

And this is Hillside Acres Farm...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

And then - I got word I had been exposed to someone who tested positve for Covid-

So - on went the mask, to protect others -

and off for the test i went.

This is the drive through vaccine site near my town. Never even got out of the car.

I laughed at the thought of decorating the wall of the place with "FUN LITTLE AUTUMN THINGS!" - almost like Christmas decorations! Classic!

Test came back negative (as expected), and I didn't have, nor do I, have any symptoms.

So that's basically my whole weekend - but at least I got a chance to get out and see some really incredible places!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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