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My Weekend: Rock Show, A Wedding, Adam Sandler, and Oh -I Flew a Jetpack

It was a busy weekend.

Well, ok- HALF of it was busy. On the last day, I never left the house. Haha...

I think Roadkill might be on to something with that whole idea. Of course, Im not a wuss like he is. I stayed in not out of a fear of ticks, but rather- I just needed a day to do absolutely nothing.

But more on that later.

The weekend started on Friday night with the Jocelyn and Chris show at the Bank of NH Stage in Concord. The whole of Main St was shut down for the Arts Festival for the night- and I wished I had gotten there earlier to take a walk through it all. Looked pretty damn awesome!! But - I got to the theater just in time to sneak back and say hi to Jocelyn and Chris and the band-

It was my first time seeing them with their band - and I gotta say - it was pretty damn impressive. Jocelyn has a voice and a passion that just won't quit, while her brother Chris lays down some pretty cool grooves on guitar!

Every time they come back here, the audience grows- and thats a good thing. I hope it continues to grow because they've got the talent that deserves more attention!

I did get a chance to get out and check out a couple friends I hadn't seen in a while....and lucky enough they were both home!

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

The babies were hiding, so I didn't get the chance.

Saturday afternoon Valerie and I headed back to Concord for the wedding of Ryer & Allie Garrett. Chris "Doctor Of Rock" Garrett is Ryer's dad, and we've been close for my entire career. He and his wife Ann are two of our closest friends, and their family is like our own. Love them and their kids. It was a beautiful night at the Carter Hill Orchard! Check out the view!

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

And here's a radio pic. Me, Chris Garrett and Scott Laudani. There's a lotta years of radio in this pic, and a lotta years of the best kind of friendship...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

It was a great night with great friends.

And yes- the UNTUCKED shirt was a FRIGGIN SMASH!!! hahah - (you had to listen to the show to get that...)

On Sunday- I pulled a Roadkill day, and never left the house. Hell, I didn't even sit out on the deck!

I found this on Netflix- and it is INCREDIBLE...

Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute is a hilarious, beautiful and poignant tribute to Bob Saget that John Stamos put together. It's loose, unscripted and all the more beautiful because of it. The comedy is at times brutal - but it just makes you laugh harder. It almost played like a roast of anybody and everybody. One by one, comics came out and ad libbed their tributes: Jim Carrey, Jeff Ross, Chris Rock, Paul Rodriguez, along with videos from Dave Chappelle, Tim Allen, Michael Keaton, and music from Jackson Browne and John Mayer. It really caught me by surprise- how great it was. It was like sitting in a room with the best stand ups in the world- right after losing someone they truly loved. It was both gut wrenching and gut busitingly funny (is "bustingly" a word?). Anyway- check it out-

And later I watched this:

And it was REALLY good. And Sandler is EXCELLENT in a serious role. When the **** is the world gonna wake up and give it up for this guy as an actor?

Have you seen "Uncut Gems"? "Reign on Me"? "Spanglish"? The guy CAN DO SERIOUS acting roles!!! I cant stand when someone can't see past the "Little Nicky" types of movies he's done.

I've said it for a long time- and I will say it again: ADAM SANDLER is a very good actor. And this movie- is a very good watch.

And lastly- on late Sunday afternoon I did this -

Jetpack Rocket Man flying at Sunset Silhouetted against the Sky

Photo: Getty Images

I flew using a jetpack, over the forest in Lebanon NH.

We kept it really quiet because we didn't want any press - but yeah, I took a jetpack up for a 20 min flight all over the Lebanon area. Beautiful way to see the country!

It was a great weekend!


ps. Nah, I'm just f****** with ya! I didn't fly no "jet pack"!!! You ever see a fat guy flying a jet pack? They save engines that can do that type of lifting for NASA rockets, bro!!

pss. You really didn't fall that did ya??? Hahah -

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