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Ghostland: The Ghost of Paul Revere's Final Show

It was a special night, for sure.

It was the final show of the band The Ghost of Paul Revere, capping an 11 year span of great music and performances.

It's hard to describe being in a crowd of 6000+ watching this show, knowing there would be the last for the band. Every song had new urgency, and deeper meaning, and you could feel it in the collective audience. Thoughtful and emotional one minute, and tearing it up and blowing the roof off the next. It was a perfect way to end it.

Here's a few moments from the show that I caught on video-

It's funny, but you'd never expect someone my age to be bummed by the breakup of a band consisting of folks half his age-

But I am.

They're a great group of guys that made great music. And best of all - is that they LOVED playing it for people. And it showed.

All my best to Griffin, Max, Sean and Charles, and to Derek and the entire GOPR team as well. Thanks for great music and memories-


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