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My Weekend: Farewell to The Ghost, Pink Skies, Religious Cults and Clams

The weekend started with coming in 3rd in the Granite Chef Cookoff.

Damn! I thought for sure Justin's killer ribeye was gonna win, but alas- Kelly and Taylor won out. Congrats to them both! (Everybody's food was really good, though!)

Saturday morning started out with me heading out to shoot the sunrise along the ocean. All the apps predicted colorful skies- and they were not wrong. So I ended up in Wells at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm. Its a beautiful farm house with trails and fields that's just gorgeous. Great place for a walk along the trails, or to just sit and chill.

Here's a look - check out the color of the sky!

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

And about a half hour later- it looked like this -

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

It's such a great, wide open space. If you haven't gone, you should. (Photos taken with permission)

Later on Saturday - we headed up to Thompsons Point in Portland for the final show of my favorite band- The Ghost of Paul Revere.

Well, not before a stop a Robert's Maine Grill for some pre-game steamers...

I can't remember the last time I had an actual ticket to a show- but that's what they gave me.

And given that this is the bands final performance together- after playing for 11 years, and being best friends for 30 - I'm considering it a collectors item.

The weather was perfect....

And so was my date...... (heh heh heh......DAMN I'M SMOOTHE!! - heh heh- I STILL GOT IT, BRO!!)

The show was phenomenal. It was everything I hoped for. It was powerful, emotional, and fun. Everything The Ghost of Paul Revere have proven they could do. Of all the bands that I've wished made it big, THIS band (along with Adam Ezra Group) are the one's I wished hardest for. Both of those groups are a joy to watch- because you can feel the joy THEY HAVE playing music together. And that's contagious!

Add to that the great songwriting, singing and harmonies- and that's why I dig em so much.

(Photo courtesy of Brenda Goodwin. Thanks Brenda!)

The truth is - and as a 60 year old guy it's weird to say- but I don't think I've been this bummed about the breakup of a band for a very long, long time. Griffin, Max, Sean and Charles had just grown tired of the road, and not being able to have normal lives and relationships. So they decided together- to call it a day. You gotta respect that, as much as it may suck for the fans. All of them are class act guys, and their music continually got better and better, which makes it harder to know they wouldn't be making any anymore. Having said that- Ghosts never really die, do they?

But they went out on the highest of high notes, with a SOLD OUT show at Thompson's Point. 6300 folks. That's pretty impressive for a little ol' band from Buxton Maine.

Sunday- after sleeping in, believe it or not, we went and picked some apples at our local farm - Butternut Farm in Farmington. Man, the pickin is awesome- so support YOUR local farms!

On Sunday night we went to a party at our sons place. Sounds weird saying that, but it was fun. And when your kid says "hey man - come on over, we're having a party" - as a parent-

you leave the camera at home.... hahah...

Monday? Rainy and lazy day, and that was alright by me.

We did some running around doing errands and some shopping - and then went home and binged on a religious cult show...

Friggin religious cults always freak me out. That's some evil s*** going on in Ohio (well, in the Netflix series, anyway)

Oh, and I almost forgot - I had part of my childhood ripped from my heart when I saw this...

Shit, just can't believe in ANYTHING anymore...


Hope you had a good weekend-


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